Full Service
We are proud to offer a full serve, competitively priced pharmacy for your convenience.

Our Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventatives are comparable to some popular online pharmacies.
When you add in the free dose and/or rebate offers, it is often less expensive to purchase through us.

We are happy to offer home delivery of medications for a small fee.


You can trust us to know what medications and doses are right for your pet.

There are many instances of human pharmacists changing veterinary prescriptions because the dosage doesn’t “seem” right to them. This is very dangerous because animal doses are different than those for humans and animals are then either under- or overdosed.


  1. We are legally required to have a current “veterinarian/client/patient” relationship in order to dispense prescription medications for your pet. This means that we have done a comprehensive examination of your pet within the past year.
  2. It can take up to 24 hours to fill a prescription.  Please plan ahead.
  3. Certain medications require bloodwork monitoring to manage dosing or potential side effects.  We will let you know if your pet is due for testing prior to a medication refill.

Best of Souhegan Award 2017AAH Accredited Hospital

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